Transcending Barriers

What Stands Between You & the Life of Your Dreams?

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Do you start and not finish tasks?

Do you find it hard to commit to a life goal?

Need to check in with someone to keep you on track?

You need a coach-on-call. 4 - 45 min sessions per month - once every week - phone only!    Reduced rate ends May 1, 2017 - Only $160 


On Call


5 Steps To Total Health

The perfect fusion of personal training and life coaching. In 3 hours, you will completely rethink your approach to exercise, diet and total well-being! 

If you’ve tried all the diets, exercise gadgets and videos and are still unhappy with your physical appearance, then, this is the Masterclass for you! 

You will be up and moving in a fun and inspiring way while learning life-long tools that will completely transform your look as well as your outlook! Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, tone, body build or train for a triathlon, you will find it all starts in the mind. Bring your mind, the body will follow. Healthy snacks are included. You will receive an exercise schedule and eating plan as well as a two week check-in with registration.


Fo3-hour workshop min 6

For 6-week group intensive

The Reconnection Healing® sessions and 

The Reconnection®

Completely hands-off energetic attunement session. In the book, Science Confirms Reconnective Healing, scientists are saying that we are accessing, for the first time, a unique set of energetic frequencies. During a re-connection session, your facilitator will access and interact with these frequencies, endeavoring to return your physical and auric bodies to a state of optimal balance.

Results have been decrease of pain, an elimination of limited range of motion,  an overall enhanced sense of well-being, relaxation, the ability to make better choices and decisions, greater coherency, harmony and an accelerated ability to process and exchange information.

Reconnection Healing® Sessions

12 Week Dream Builder Course – Individual or Small Group

Through weekly meetings with written assignments, we will explore a process designed to awaken you to your innate inner vision, knowledge and power. You will decide on a dream or goal for your life, take steps in the direction of that dream, learn to transcend the old paradigm, and begin to live from a position of empowerment and apply the principles you will learn in ways that will bring you more in alignment with a life you would absolutely love! Please contact us for a quote.